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    -In 1958, “Daliang Hard-ware Repair Plant”, the predecessor of “Guang-dong Metal Forming Mac-hine Works Co., Ltd.” was founded.

    -In 1964, J23 open type inclinable press was manufactured.
    -In 1978, renamed as “Shunde Metal Forming Machine Works”.

    -In 1986, YA28 four-column double -acting hydraulic press was manufactured.

    -In 1994, JH21 open back power press  was manufactured.

    -In 2004, the enterprise M&A Wuzhou Metal Forming Machine Works.

    -In 2006, STPP straight side doublepoint press was manufactured.

    -In 2007, GP2 straight side double-point single-acting precision mechanical press was manufactured.

    -In 2008, the three-dimensional automatic production line was developed successfully.

    -In 2009, the enterprise was recognized as one of the “50 Back-bone Enterprises of Equipment Manufacturing of Guangdong Province”.

    -In 2010, GP4 straight side four-point single-acting precision mechanical press was manufactured.

    -In 2012, the new factory was built and moved in.

    -In 2013, the “Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratoryfor Metal Forming Processing and Forging Equipment Technology” was constructed. Meanwhile, the enterprise won the honorary title “National Machinery Indu-stry Advanced Group” in the same year.

    -In 2014, the independent-type automatic transportation manipulator was developed successfully.

    -In 2015, the big scale presses in bulk exported to worldwide with automatic production lines.

    Never stop improving......